Registration Agreement

So it's that part in the process...

Just kidding, what would we even put here?

But in all seriousness, you do need to agree to 2 little rules, that are there to make sure the forum remains useful to everybody,

1. You agree not to use any form of automation to post or message on this site.
2. You agree not to spam this site with content relating to the advertisement of other websites.

We also reserve the right to delete users, messages or content for any reason.

And that's all! That little one at the bottom means we just get to delete content without specifying a reason, although we probably will provide a reason and we'll probably never delete content anyway.

We also wanted to let you know that any data that we use to track how users use the site will never be shared with 3rd parties, and we also agree to delete data belonging to a user if they ask (Seriously, just ask and it's gone)

Thanks for reading!